Limia Zonata

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Limia Zonata

Common Name:- Striped Limia

Location:- Dominican Republic

Temp:- 72°C – 75°C

Size:- Male 4cm, Female 5cm taken from U.S.A standards

Food:- lettuce, spilurina flake, live white worms, brine shrimp various frozen food and flake.

These small Limia (Live Bearers) are a very active fish always on the move mid water. They are a community fish but don’t have a lot off colour about them. As they are the same family as Guppy, Mollies & other limia it is not a good idea to keep them in the same tank as they will cross (or try to). It is however safe to put them in with platy (livebearer) or any egg laying species (not that the male Zonata seems to care who he tries with). But at least you know that you are not going to get a crossed fish.



I have found that the Zonata have fairly small broods of fry. One off  the reasons for this could be that they will actively eat the fry unless you have not supplied plenty of hiding spaces i.e. Java moss, Java fern, Indian fern, floating mops & large pebbles on the bottom.

Once you see the fry I always remove the parents & not the fry this seems to give them a better start.

The fry are large enough to eat fine flake, micro worm, and brine shrimp from day one. They grow fairly quick & by the time they are 8 weeks they start to sex out.

Closing note: if you notice that you have males in the tank, any females will probably be gravid.



John Reid