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President Colin welcomed all members along to club along with our guest speaker Ray from Rt discus Glasgow. Colin proceeded to go through some club business letting members know about a few events that are coming up within the club. Ray then took the floor doing a talk/presentation on how he built his fish house and the technology that he is using within the setup. Once Ray had finished his talk he answered a few questions for the members. Kirkcaldy Aquarist Society thanked Ray for coming along to the club and we hope to have him along in the future. The meeting then ended with some fish talk and refreshments.

This week’s Kirkcaldy aquarist society meeting was an off meeting, President Colin started meeting by welcoming all members along. Colin then proceeded to go through some upcoming events also mentioning KAS Christmas night out will be held at Tony Macaroni’s this year. Colin then asked the members as a group if people have anything they would like to talk about the topic of black Moscow guppies all of a sudden passing away was discussed. Then discussion went onto what people were breeding. Meeting then stopped for some light refreshments.

Kirkcaldy Aquarist society meeting report 3rd November
This week was the AGM so President Colin welcomed the members before standing down the committee. Brian Hutchison was then left with the job of confirming Colin back to the role of president so that Colin could then confirm the remainder of the committee.
Joe then read out the minutes of the last AGM which were proposed and seconded. Mandy then gave a Break Down of the club finances but will provide a more detailed report shortly. Discussion then turned to the Web site not being 100% up to date.
A discussion was then had on the bus trip but no firm decisions were reached and this subject will be revisited.
A general discussion was then had with members having the chance to input on all the subjects discussed the meeting then broke for refreshments. Next week is an off meeting