All posts for the month December, 2014

This week was the KAS presentation night and after President Colin had welcomed everyone John Reid presented the laminated certificates to the winners and runners up from each of the classes the Jimmy Gilbert quaich was then presented to Gordon McLeod for his winning Ambastaia sidimunki.

The 1st ever  KAS best member was announced and was present to Brian Hutchison we thank Brian for all his efforts during the move from Junction road where he was present everyday helping the club relocate.
Joe Graham was then presented with an honourary membership in recognition of his service to the club over the years. Joe was warmly congratulated.

Colin mentioned he had experienced a issue with his shed and the air pressure popping out some of the air hoses which unfortunately had led to a few losses A useful discussion was had regarding methods of venting off excess air pressure in a safe way. The meeting then had a chat about various other fishkeeping subjects.
Members were then reminded that next week is the KAS Christmas night and donations are welcomed of food and drinks. The meeting then broke for the raffle and refreshments.

This week saw the first table show of the year and President gave an update on the club meeting rooms with it being confirmed the club will not be able to return to our former premises at Junction Road. As yet the council aside from allowing the club to rent a room at Templehall Community Center  have offered little in the way of a more secure long term meeting room. Brian suggested Colin speak to the local councilor in an attempt to get the council to actually do something with regards to a new club room, Colin has now done this and will keep members updated with any progress. Colin also mentioned the club shop and reminded people that asking club members to buy items from outside the club and bring them in really doesn’t benefit the club in anyway.

Once all the entries had been booked in the judges were given the nod to commence judging and members had the chance to have a chat on a number of subjects including Ernie’s fish shed and Brian’s new behemoth of a marine tank. Members also discussed the recent KAS meal night and the enjoyable food and high brow conversation had by all.

Best fish on the night was a Ambastaia sidthimunki bought in by Gordon McLeod and the judges were Ken Young and John Reid and our thanks go to them for judging and to those who showed. It was pleasing to again see entries in the junior category and it is hoped this continues.

The meeting then broke for refreshments and the drawing of the raffle.