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President Colin welcomed members to what was a well attended meeting. As due to the rearranging of guest speakers we had not had a ‘off meeting’ in a few weeks so it was nice to get together and catch up on events of the past few weeks.

Jim gave a breakdown on the income and expenditure for the recent KAS auction and it was agreed by all that this had been a great success thanks go to Colin for being auctioneer  the top table assistants Mike and Brian H and all the runners who worked tirelessly to ensure the auction moved along.

Talk then turned to the recent bus trip which was enjoyed by all with everyone getting something new for their tanks. Our thanks go to Aqualife, Pier Aqautics and Ferrybridge Aquatics. While the bus trip is a long day its a good opportunity for members to enjoy and aquatic themed days out with likeminded people and it is hoped that the bus trip will again take place next year.

Next week is the KAS AGM which is strictly members only.

President Colin welcomed members to the meeting before Joe gave a quick run through of the financial side of the recent auction, as treasurer Jim could not make it the final totals were not confirmed. The upcoming KAS meal night was mentioned as well as the sheets for nominations for the committee positions for the upcoming AGM.

This week was again an on meeting due to a rejigging of the schedule and Eric Jones gave a talk on how to make a show jar from measuring the glass up to the best way to ensure a good cut. Eric offered advice on the best ways to silicon and assemble the tank and was happy to answer any and all questions on the subject.
The meeting then broke for refreshments and the drawing of the raffle.
Next week is an off meeting where a discussion on both the bus trip and the auction will be held
This week KAS was lucky enough to once again have Colin Dunlop come along to give a talk so after dealing with some minor announcement the meeting was handed over to Colin who talk was on the use of natural materials in the aquarium with a particular focus on the use of wood and leaves.

Colin began by giving a run through of the types of woods that were suitable to use in the tank as well as those that were definitely not a good idea to be using such as Rhododendron, Colin also mentioned the way to check that the wood was fully dried out so as to minimize the leaking of sugars and other chemicals into a tank. Colin also cover Driftwood and whether leaving the bark on wood was a good or bad idea.

The next stage of the talk was mainly about the use of leaves in the aquarium and the positive effect these provided both in terms of lowering PH and softening water but also providing a food source to fry and adult fish.

Colin finished up by showing a series of pictures showcasing his use of leaves and wood in the aquariums he has had over the years. It was another fantastic talk by Colin and we hope it is not to long before we can welcome him back to the club.

Next week is a talk by Eric Jones on making showjars

President Colin welcomed members to this weeks meeting which was also table show no 8. Colin began by confirming names and roles for the auction this Sunday.Colin then mentioned the bus trip and with it being a week on Sunday time was running out to get your seat. With over 22 names down it should be another good trip and hopefully everyone involved will get something unusual.

The judges were then given the nod to start judging and while the deliberation began Colin asked members how things were going with their tanks and mentioned that his Fish shed was coming along nicely with the first few tanks already out in the shed and the heating running. Members then enjoyed some light hearted chats while the judges finished up
The results of the table show were announced with Gordon winning the Supreme championship with a cracking Botia Sidthimunki. The overall winners for each class will be announced at the awards night the date for which will be announced soon.

Tjhe auction on Sunday is being held once again at Templehall Community Centre in Kirkcaldy on Sunday 12th October Doors will open at 10am for the booking in of lots and the canteen will be available from this time, the auction commences at 12:30.
President Colin welcomed members to this weeks meeting which was a little quieter than usual. Colin began by mentioning the bus trip and the meal night before asking for volunteers for the  KAS auction on October 12th everyone present volunteered for something so a good start has been made with the names. Donations for the raffle and the canteen are welcomed especially filled rolls which always seem to go fast.

As this week was an off meeting Colin asked members how everything was going with their fish and said his shed was nearing completion and that he hoped to be moving fish out from the house this week. With no set topic members then had a good laugh swapping stories (most of them unprintable) one of the highlights being Gerry’s blue croc’s.

Next week is table show 8 and is the final chance to buy a fish to try and lift the Jimmy Gilbert Quaich with some good entries this year it will be interesting to see what lifts the quaich.