All posts for the month September, 2014

President Colin welcomed the members attending and as usual mentioned both the upcoming bus trip as well as the next KAS meal night, there has been no update as yet on the planned inspection work at the old club rooms. With no further club business to discuss Colin handed the meeting over to Andrew Frew who was back at the club to give a talk on Koi Carp.

Andrew started off by explaining about the origins of the Koi Carp and mentioned that while thought by many to come from Japan they are in fact originally from China. Andrew then went on to discuss the types and size of ponds required to properly house and look after these fish and covered the pro’s and cons of each type as well as giving us a fascinating look at the indoor and outdoor ponds he has himself . Next up was filtration and while it would seem obvious that a pond needs a bigger filter than a standard tank many members were suprised by just how large and advanced the filter solutions for ponds of these size actually were.

Andrew then went on to cover the effects of the seasons on the fishes metabolism over the course of the year and how this affected both the types of food given, but also the quantities fed. Also discussed was how the seasons affect diseases and the fishes ability to deal  with them and what is needed for when a fish does become ill. To finish the talk Andrew showed us a brief but very interesting look at how the Koi are farmed in Japan and how throughout the first few years of their lives are continually graded  to ensure the best of the best is retained for breeding.

On behalf of KAS I would like to thank Andrew for taking the time to come back to the club and give such an informative and enjoyable talk. 

President Colin welcomed members to a slightly quieter than usual meeting beginning with the customary reminder about the bus trip before giving a brief run through of the minutes from the recent committee meeting.

As this week was an off meeting there was no set topic and we began by having a discussion about the Glenrothes AS auction at the weekend which despite being fairly poorly advertised still yielded some decent prices for both buyers and sellers.

Members then had a good chat about fish they had bought and some general fishkeeping discussion before the meeting broke for refreshments. Next week is a talk by Andrew Frew on Koi Carp.

This week was an off meeting and with no set topic the meeting took the chance to discuss the previous days Fair City Open Show and Auction which seems to have been a success a nice thank you card was received thanking KAS members who helped out on the day. Members bought a good range of fish and dry goods and enjoyed themselves. Members then discussed the fish that were entered into the show and Eric and John explained what was good about each fish and why they had scored well. A number of subjects were discussed in a light hearted and enjoyable fashion before the meeting broke for tea and refreshments. Next week is a talk by Colin Beavis on Filtration