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Please remember there is no meeting tonight due to the centre being closed. So please do not come along. Unless you enjoy sitting in an empty carpark with a fish supper in which case fill your boots.

Tonight Colin opened the meeting and welcomed all who attended he mentioned that we still need names for the bus trip and read out the minutes from the USA AGM who now have a new committee. He then handed over to our guest Jack Irish who gave a very interesting talk on keeping and growing aquatic plants.

Jack explained how co2 works and the use of fertilizers and the different substrates that are required, he also went into details on what fish to keep and not keep with plants. We then had refreshments and the meeting closed. Once again we like to thank Jack for coming along to our club and doing a talk for us

President Colin welcomed members to the meeting which despite being table show no 6 was a bit lower attendance wise than usual so a big thank you to the members who made the effort and are supporting the club at this time. Unfortunately table show regular Gordon was unable to make it due to vandalism of his car but there was still 25 entries from 5 exhibitors.


Colin mentioned the bus trip and that more confirmed names were needed another few seats were paid for on the night so there is still time to book your place. Joe said depending on numbers future years trips may need to be discussed.


While the judges carried out their work a enjoyable and light hearted chat was had covering everything from how Ken and Brian try not to let on about the cost of fish they have bought as well as Fish sheds in progress or planned and how members had decided to build theirs. The meeting then broke for the raffle.


Once the judges had completed their work the awards were handed out with best fish going to Brian and Mel for a well oversized Coletti Tetra (Moenkhausia Colletti) The judges were John Reid and Eric Jones and our thanks go to them for their efforts. And thanks also go to Jean Symington who helped me get my entries in on time despite my late arrival and lack of preparedness.


*** Please remember there is no meeting next week due to the community centre being closed ***

*** Please note KAS has a new temporary venue at Templehall Community Cenre Beauly Place, Kirkcaldy, KY2 6EX ***


President Colin welcomed the attending members and thanked them for coming along and supporting the club during this unsettled time. After giving an update on the current situation Colin asked members how they had enjoyed the West Lothian Aquarist Society auction the previous day. The feedback was very positive with members feeling that a good range of fish were available with realistic prices.


Members were then asked what they had purchased at the Auction with Ken and Brian taking the opportunity to stock up on livebearer species not often seen on the Scottish auction scene such as 10 spot live bearer’s and Cortezi swordtails, Eric and Colin also picked up some nice fish with Joe grabbing 3 big Firemouth Cichlids that he doesn’t currently have anywhere to put ! They are curently “on loan” to Colin while Joe works this one out. John picked up some Riccia but we are unsure whether he plans to try and get first time bred for this.


Next week is Open show no 6 and this will be going ahead although members are asked to bare with us as with it being the first time we have had a show in the temporary hall there are sure to be some kinks to be ironed out.


Thank you again to those members who have been coming along to Templehall and keeping the club alive during these difficult times.

President Colin welcomed members attending and thanked them for attending despite the relocation of the club it was good to see those with the clubs interest at heart taking the time to come along and discuss recent events and what may happen going forward. There is no news regarding the recently vacated premises but we have secured Templehall community center until the end of the year at very reasonable rates meaning the clubs immediate future is secure.


There are a number of possible options for accommodation and these are being explored while we await more details on the status of the club rooms. If you want to have a say in the future of the club then please do make the effort to come along on a Monday night between 7 and 9.30.


Table Show 6 will be going ahead a week on Monday and there will be NO meeting on July 21st due to the community center being closed on that day. Next week is an off meeting where we will discuss the previous day’s WLAS auction and see what everyone bought.