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Due to concerns over the safety of the club meeting room’s Fife Council have asked the club to vacate the premises until exploratory and possible repair work can be undertaken.


At this time a possible temporary venue has not been agreed but it is hoped something will be agreed soon. As soon as there is news it will be posted both here and on the KAS website.


Until the exploratory work has been completed it is not known if the club will be able to return to the club rooms on a permanent basis.

President Colin welcomed members to a very well attended meeting this week for which the club was lucky enough to have Allan James along to give a talk on the Synodontis of Africa.


Colin quickly mentioned the sheet being up for the bus trip before handing over to Allan who gave a factual talk on the Synodontis that could be found in each of the African lake and the differences between each type, as well as distinguishing features of each variety. Allan was happy for try and answer members questions during the talk.


The meeting then broke for refreshments and the raffle. Next week is an off meeting.

President Colin welcomed those members attending to this weeks meeting. Colin then briefly mentioned the sheet for the bus trip and the upcoming auctions both in Scotland and down south.


A brief discussion on dry goods sales at auctions was had with it being agreed there is no right or wrong way just many approaches to the same issue.


Joe mentioned that his FX5 filter had stopped working the previous day with his son having to turn it off due to the far from normal noises it was making and the lack of water being filtered. Joe had taken the pump apart and had brought the impellor housing in to see if members could offer any suggestions. Members had a look Joe took the impellor apart so members could get a better look at the shaft itself. Brian thought the shaft seemed to be spinning freely but Colin thought the shaft seemed a lot slacker than it should be?


After everyone had a look and those with knowledge of external canisters had got their hands on it Joe put the shaft away in the impellor assembly and said he would try contacting Fluval the next day. Since the meeting Fluval have told Joe to bring it back in to Fishkeeper Edinburgh and swapped it for a FX6 !


Next week is a talk on Synodontis by Allan James which should be quite interesting

President Colin welcomed members to this weeks meeting which was Table Show no 5. Colin started by mentioning some upcoming shows and auctions from down south with Flyers having been brought in by Ken. Colin also mentioned the bus trip and that the door money has gone up to £1 from this week due to increased costs.


As John had other commitments this week his executive assistant Jean Symington took the Table Show manger hot seat and showed everyone how its done our thanks to Jean for helping out.


While the judges began the judging process Colin asked members what they would like to discuss and a good chat was enjoyed covering a range of subjects including the upcoming shows and auctions, what people had been breeding and a very useful and interesting explanation of Endler guppies and what makes a pure strain as well as the wild caught fish that come from locations other than the fishes original locations. which came about due to a question from Brian about some Endlers he would be receiving soon thanks especially go to Gordon and Colin who had a wealth of information on the subject.


The meeting then took a break while the judges completed their work there was a good turnout at this show with over 40 entries with best fish being won by Colin Beavis with a stunning Danio Kyathit. The judges this week were Ken Young and Jill Dewar and we thank them for their efforts. The raffle was then drawn and the meeting drew to a close Next week is a talk by Allan James on Synodontis catfish of Africa.