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President Colin welcomed members to this weeks meeting and thanked everyone for attending reminding people of the upcoming auctions and that the bus trip sheet is up. Colin also mentioned that the weekly door money will be rising to £1 per week starting on Monday coming due to an increase in the costs the club has to pay.

This week was an off meeting with no specific topic so members had the chance to discuss the auction at Glenrothes Aquarist Society the previous week and what they had picked up and their thoughts on how the event had went. It was certainly a buyers auction with the 2nd half seeing fish sell for far less than what we are all used to seeing.

Members then had the chance to have a chat about anything on their mind either fish related or more general a amusing and quite light hearted chat was had before we broke for refreshments and the raffle.

Next week is Table Show 5 and it would be great to see as many entry’s as possible both from existing showers as well as those members who have perhaps considered showing but are yet to do so.


Here is a list of the sponsors for the KAS Open Show and Auction 2014. KAS would like to offer it’s sincere thanks to all the companies who donated support such as this is what keeps the aquatic scene in Scotland going and it is very much appreciated !

This information will also be added to the Open Show 2014 section on the left hand side of the front page.


Nemo’s world (Edinburgh)




Fair City Aquarist Scoiety




Scotch Wiskey Experance Edinburgh












Sealife Center




Reef one




All Ponds Solutions




Sam Garcia








New Era








The pet shop
















Maidenhead aquatics Glasgow





President Colin opened the meeting, reminding everyone that Glenrothes show and auction is taking place this Sunday at the Jubilee centre in stenton and that the USA auction is on the 29th of June at the AK Bell library in Perth. He went on to mention the sheet for names for the bus trip is up and that seats are only guarenteed with full payment. 


As this week was an off meeting with no set topic we then went on to have discussions about different types of lighting for tanks and how led lights are proving ever more popular due to low maintenance cost. There was a bit banter as usual with members sharing some stories we then broke for refreshments.


Next week is Jool´s from Planet Catfish with a talk on the xingu river and how he has set up an initiative called Planet Xingu.

A well attended meeting with Andrew Frew doing a talk on killies. First of president Colin ran through all the club business mentioning the bus trip and that glenrothes aquarist society have their show and auction on Sunday the 18th may and that the USA have their auction on Sunday the 29 th June. The election for the open show manager post has been completed and Brian and Abby have been voted into their respective positions again.

The meeting then was handed over to Andrew who gave an excellent talk on killies where they come from and the different species how they spawn, from top spawning to peat spawning. Andrew also talked about how to keep the eggs to simulate the dry season then adding water to make the eggs hatch after that we broke for refreshments and raffle Kirkcaldy Aquarist Society would like to thank Andrew once again for a superb talk