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President Colin members to the meeting mentioning that the list for the bus trip is going up and seats are only guarenteed once payment has been made, The USA open show has now been cancelled but the auction will still be going ahead on the same day.

The club was lucky enough to have the ever popular Alex Carslaw back to give a talk on the breeding of Rainbows and Blueyes. Alex gave a cracking talk covering how to select the best fish for breeding, the correct temperature for both the spawning and growing on of the fish as well as the feeding of the fish for which Alex uses CE Fish Essentials range of foods. Alex also offered his thoughts regarding spawning mops both floating and anchored.

Members to the chance to pick Alex’s brains on a wide range of questions which Alex was only to happy to answer. The meeting then took a break for refreshments and the drawing of the raffle. KAS woud like to thank Alex for once again taking the time out to come and give a fascinating and very much appreciated talk.

Next week is an off meeting.

President Colin welcomed members to the meeting and mentioned again that all KAS members are invited to come along to Discovery Aquatics in Dundee on Thursday evening when Fair City are visiting. The bus trip name list will be going up next week and with Pier, Aqualife and Ferrybridge interest is sure to be high,

Colin then introduced Tony and Jane white from Simply Cichlids who were visiting after returning from a trip to Germany with Brian Hutchison. They gave an overview of their business and facebook group and enjoyed a good chat with members regarding the fish everyone keeps.

The meeting then took a break for refreshments and the raffle. Next week is a talk from the ever popular and extremely knowledgeable Alex Carslaw on breeding Rainbowfish and Blueyes so get along early if you don’t want to be left standing !

Due to my broadband going down last night and not being back up till about noon today this may not make the paper this week 🙁 I’m going to start putting it in on the Monday night so it doesn’t happen again.

President Colin welcomed members to this weeks meeting which was the 3rd table show of the year and covered the current club business. The bus trip sheet will be going up soon for names and members are reminded that seats are not guarenteed until paid for.

Fair City club are doing a shop visit to Discovery Aquatics on the 20th of March and would like to invite any interested KAS club members to come along.

The judges (Ken and John) were then given the nod to commence judging and members had a number of discussiongs including shops continuing to sell “tank buster” species and not educating customers on these as well as Mike and Jill talking about their recent visit to both Pier Aquatics in Wigan and BAS in Bolton.

The show saw 43 entries from a combined 7 entrants and the best fish was lifted by Bill Toft with a cracking example of a Jewel Cichlid. John once again encouraged people to get juniors showing as once again there were no junior entrants. The meeting then took a break for judges to complete judges and members enjoyed a cup of tea.

Next week is an off meeting.

President Colin opened the meeting and welcomed those attending. Due to unforseen circumstances the meal at the Wok’N’Spice on Saturday has had to be postponed and will be rescheduled hopefully for later in the month. The board for open show / auction roles was put up and those attending asked if they could help out, could all members please try and assist as it is very hard to run an event when people do not pitch in and help out It’s your club please put your name down and help out so it does not all fall on a small amount of people to do all the work.

As this week was an off meeting there was no set topic and members instead were able to discuss what is happening within the hobby and to discuss suggestions for the up coming open show and auction. With not to much to get through the meeting took a slightly earlier break for refreshments.

Next week is table show no 3 please bring along some entries and see if you win some classes You can’t win it if your not in it !