All posts for the month February, 2014

President Colin welcomed members to the meeting and gave an update on the prizes so far received for the forthcoming open show and auction with new Open Show Manager doing a great job in drumming up donations. In the next few weeks the board will be going up so that roles can be worked out and everyone going knows what they are doing on the day.

With no other business to take care of the meeting was handed over to Gordon McLeod who gave a very interesting talk on how to properly show fish at both table and open shows. Gordon covered a range of topics beginning with show jar selection and avoiding air bubbles as well as  the best ways to tape a jar and the use of natural substrates. Gordon also had a number of handy tips on getting the best out of your fish in a show by considering some of the factors judges would be looking at.

The meeting then took a break for refreshments and raffle next week is an off meeting

President Colin opened the meeting and welcomed everyone to the meeting as we had 2 new prospective members along this week a conversation started as to what they kept fish wise or what they were planning to keep.

Colin mentioned the meal night at the Wok’n’Spice in Glenrothes was now up and members could add their names if they wished to attend. As this week was an off meeting there was no formal topic and members could talk about anything they wanted. Eddie mentioned the hidden dangers of white spot in a surprising amount of foods and Joe mentioned how impressed he was with the self drain facility on his FX5.

Members also discussed what they had purchased the previous day at the Glenrothes auction with most people thinking it was a buyers auction in many respects with some fish reaching decent prices, Brian added to his Swordtail collection with 2 pairs of Milleri swords one of which dropped fry in the bag on the way home and the other pair have since also had fry as well as scooping a pair of Montezumae and 2 pairs of Guntheri Swords.

James Muir has had unfortunately had to stand down from assistant open show manager due to a change in his shift pattern the role is currently vacant and a sheet will go up next week to fill the position. Next week is a talk by Gordon McLeod on how to show your fish at shows.

President Colin opened the meeting and welcomed those attending firstly covering some recent correspondence received before mentioning that the sheets for the forthcoming club meal nights would hopefully be going up next week. As it was John Reid’s quiz night Colin handed the meeting over to John who issued everyone with a answer sheet and a pen.

The questions and the laughs started off gently before the cryptic questions (and much cheating) began. When the dust had settled Bill Toft had emerged as the Quiz victor with 25 out of a possible 28.5  receiving a bottle of wine there was a bag of sweets for the booby prize also. The meeting then took a break for refreshments and the raffle, next week is an off meeting.

President Colin welcomed members and ran through current club business there are two KAS meal nights in the coming months firstly Wok ‘N’ Spice on the 8th March and then Foxtons on a date to be confirmed (both Glenrothes)

A discussion was then had on the whats on listing with a new talk by Julian Dignal on Planet Xingu being added as well as a few other changes an updated list will be published on the website as soon as it is received.

As this week was an off meeting a general discussion was had with this week taking a bit of a marine flavour with discussion on the pro’s and cons of using natural sea water as well as the best places and methods for its collection as well as Marine setups and livestock. The meeting then took a break for refreshments and the drawing of the raffle. Next week is John suprise quiz it is unclear whether Lord of the Rings knowledge will be needed or whether it will be all fish related why not come along and find out ?