All posts for the month January, 2014

The open show and auction schedule is now live on the website for viewing / download simply click on open show & auction and then either use the direct download links or use the google docs version to view the schedule and then to download it if you so wish.

President Colin welcomed those attending to table show No 2 as John was judging Jean did a cracking job of holding the fort and we thank her for her efforts. There were a respectable 41 Entries from a slightly reduced from normal 5 Entrants.

There was a slight delay to getting started as Brian had submitted a fish for identification and an ID was sought, alas despite the sterling efforts of Mike and others no definitive ID could be made on the night so the fish could not be judged. It is since believed that an ID may now have been made. If this ID proves correct we will certainly be seeing more of this fish as it would be oversize. A meal sheet for the next KAS meal out will be going up soon for the Wok’n’Spice in Glenrothes and all members are welcome to attend.

While the judges were doing their thing Mike gave a brief presentation on the changes in the new standards focusing on the barbs, members were given an eye opening look at just how complex the family’s now are and how quickly information becomes out of date with Mike admitting that virtually as soon as the standards came of the press some information in them would already be inaccurate.

The meeting then took a break for refreshments and the drawing of the raffle Best in Show went To Colin Beavis for a Poecillia Wenglei. Next week is an off meeting.

Colin welcomed members to the first KAS meeting of 2014 and asked how everyone had got on over the festive period. This week was John’s quiz with a difference  The difference being John had no idea he was meant to be doing a quiz !

It was decided to just have a general catch up and to discuss any problems members had been having. Colin mentioned he thought he had got to the bottom of the recent Malawi deaths he had been experiencing putting it down to a new food he had been using which swells up far more than other foods he had been using meaning he had unwittingly been overfeeding the rather greedy Malawi’s. Colin also mentioned a rather bizarre issue he has been having with a 5 compartment tank where since a while back any fish added to that section die after a variable period where fish on the 2 sections either side are doing well. Members offered suggestions with the general consensus being it may have been down to some form of contamination of either the airline or filter used as all other possibilities have been exhausted.

Brian mentioned he had previously had an issue with a few tanks but had worked out they were newer tanks he had made and the glass used had not been cleaned sufficiently leaving some contaminant on the glass which had caused a few fish losses although nothing to expensive and thankfully not his Xiphophorus Milleri group  recently acquired.