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This week was the KAS Christmas night with a very good attendance on the night. President Colin welcomed members and asked if the members who attended the recent xmas meal had enjoyed their evening which everyone had. The certificates and polo shirts were then handed out by John “Papa Smurf” Reid and the Jimmy Gilbert quaich was presented to Ken for winning the supreme championship with a recently acquired Neolamprologus brevis.

Colin then announced that there was a special presentation and Jean Symington was presented with her honorary membership in recognition of her dedication to KAS but also promoting the hobby of fish keeping. Jean is a great member but more importantly a great person and thoroughly deserves her award the committee was unanimous in voting Jean received her accolade as she embodies everything someone receiving this award should be.

With all official business taken care of it was time to enjoy the refreshments and food that had been prepared and donated by members and generally just enjoy the evening a huge raffle was then had and a guess the weight of the cake competition with the cake donated by Adele Christie the correct weight was 5lb 9oz with both Mandy and Brian and Jean being 1oz out Mandy and Brian generously let Jean take the whole cake home rather than split it.

On behalf of the committee I would like to wish all members and their families a very merry Xmas and a happy and prosperous new year. The first meeting of 2014 will be on the 13th of January

This week was time for the xmas decorations and tree to go up so after president Colin welcomed members and mentioned the KAS meal on Saturday the club took the opportunity to present Jean with a card and a cake to celebrate her birthday many happy returns from all at KAS.

It was then time to see the new tree treasurer Jim had bought to replace the old one which sadly had to be put out of its misery due to it resembling the tree equivalent of an abandoned horse. The new tree looks very smart and is capable of flashing at speeds not seen since a 90’s rave.

Members then manned the ladders and put up the rest of the decorations while tucking into slices of Jean’s cake and cups of tea and coffee.

Next week is the KAS xmas night to which only fully paid up members can attend as no money will be handled on the evening.


President Colin welcomed members and again mentioned the  KAS xmas meal and the sheet is still up for names to be added, it’s always a great evening which helps promote the social side of the hobby of fishkeeping.

Colin mentioned he was having an issue with a 5 part split tank where any fish added to one section were dieing members suggested a number of things to try Gordon, Ken and Laurie having some good suggestions which Colin intends to try and let us know how he gets on.

There were a total of 25 entries from 6 exhibitors including 2 new entrants Robert Dickson and Brian and Mel Stewart.

Best fish was a Corydoras Sychri shownby Gordon McLeod and the Judges were Ken Young and Eric Jones. Next week we will be putting the christmas decorations up in the clubroom. and the following week is the christmas night which only paid members can attend.