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President Colin welcomed a full clubroom to the meeting and mentioned firstly the sheet for the KAS xmas meal is up for names to be added to.It’s always a good night and definitely not to be missed.

As this week was an off meeting Members were asked if they had anything they wished to discuss or if they were having any issues. Colin mentioned a conversation that had started prior to the beginning of the meeting where Brian and Mandy mentioned they were having an issue with their Malawi setup with several recent unexplained losses.

An in depth discussion was had with Brian mentioning what he had already considered/tried and members suggesting possible ideas to try and thoughts behind what may be causing the issue while there is never any certainty with fish illness Brian certainly received some good advice and possible new avenues of getting to the bottom of the issue.

The meeting then took a break for refreshments and the raffle.

Next week is table show No 1 and members are politely reminded that in order to show fish at the show you must be a paid club member.

President Colin welcomed members to the meeting which was well attended in anticipation of the latest talk at the club by the ever popular Colin Dunlop. Colin reminded members about the upcoming KAS Xmas meal and that there is a committee meeting next week members who would like issues raised should contact a committee member to ensure the issue is discussed. With no further business to discuss on the night the meeting was handed over to Colin Dunlop for his talk and slideshow on the latest incarnation of his fish shed.

Colin began by giving a quick look at the previous fish sheds he had and what the pro’s and con’s of the designs were. Colin then took members on a virtual tour of his fish shed from taking delivery of the building itself through to it’s completion looking along the way at issues such as insulation, condensation and selection of tank sizes to meet the needs of the particular fish being kept.

With several club members having their own sheds it was a interesting look at the experiences of a fellow fish keeper and reassuring to many that the issues they had experienced were faced by more than just themselves !

The meeting then took a break for refreshments and the drawing of the raffle. Next week is an off meeting and committee members are reminded that this coming Tuesday is a committee meeting at the club rooms.

President Colin welcomed members to a slightly quieter than usual meeting and introduced Billy and Tam who had come along for the first time we hope you enjoyed yourselves and look forward to hopefully seeing you again.

Colin mentioned the sheet for the xmas meal is still up and all are welcome to add their names and come along. Joe has attached copies of the recent AGM minutes up at the club for members to peruse.

As this week was an off meeting there was no set topic so Colin asked the new visitors about the fish they were keeping with both having kept and are keeping a nice mixture of fish including cichlids, tetras and catfish.

Members then talked about what they were keeping and the topic of water and dechlorination came up with as usual a range of opinions on the issue.

Next week KAS is lucky enough to have Colin Dunlop giving a talk and slideshow on his fish room come along early to make sure you get a seat !

With several members arriving early an interesting discussion was had on recent livebearers seen at auctions that have been imported from the far east and the difficulty in sexing them from pictures.

President Colin then opened the AGM at 8pm and thanked everyone for coming and thanking everyone for their efforts over the previous year.  Treasurer Jim gave a run through of the clubs accounts and Secretary Joe read out the previous AGM minutes which were proposed and seconded.

The committee was then stood down and Open show manager James read out the nomination for President with Colin returning to the the role. James then handed the meeting back to Colin for the rest of the committee nominations. With the exception of Laurie who as stepped down as librarian the rest of the committee from the past year were reelected unopposed and are pleased to welcome Brian Hutchison to the committee as the new librarian.

A number of subjects were raised and discussed including the bus trip which will be costed and discussed in the new year as well as the admission prices for future auctions and open shows. Suggestions for increasing the clubs revenue were brought up and positively discussed with members took the chance to ask questions and bring up issues for consideration with Gordon and John making many good points.

Next week is an off meeting.

President Colin opened the meeting and welcomed those attending. Colin mentioned that the sheet for the KAS xmas meal is up and all members are welcome to come along.

Before the meeting commenced the dates were agreed for the next years table shows and the dates for these will be put up both in the club and on the website soon.

Colin asked members what they had thought of the auction and open show at Glenrothes a few weeks ago with many commenting that while the show side seemed quite successful that the auction was quite small and being a little over filled with dry goods.

Talk then turned to the KAS annual bus trip with a change of emphasis to the East Coast this year. Members got some nice Fish and we would like to thank Ferrybridge Aquatics and Fish Alive for their efforts and service. Ferrybridge in particular impressed and may now be considered as a possible stop for coming years. The selection of rift valley Cichlids at all the shops was very extensive with Joe and Brian picking up some cracking fish at reasonable prices.

Next week is the KAS AGM.