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President Colin welcomed members to the well attended meeting and reminded them that the bus trip seats needed to be paid this week for Sundays eagerly anticipated bus trip down the East Cost. Nomination sheets are now up for all the committee posts in advance of the AGM. The sheet for names for the KAS xmas meal is now up all members are welcome to get some Christmas spirit and come along and join in on what in past years has been a really good night.

With no further issues to be raised the meeting was handed over to our guest speaker the ever popular Mr Terry Scott to give a talk on reptiles. In a very interesting twist on previous talks Terry concentrated on the evolution of snakes and reptiles going back to pre-dinosaur times before later showing how many of them had adapted to mass extinction events to find  new niche and survival methods and then over time evolved to become extremely effective within these niche.

It was a very engaging talk and it was clear Terry had the same enthusiasm and interest in snakes and reptiles as many of us do with our fish collections and it certainly gave members much to ponder especially Melanie who now really want’s Brian to get a bearded dragon ! Members then had the opportunity to handle some of the snakes Terry had with him and ask any questions they had.

KAS would like to pass it thanks on to Terry for a cracking talk once again and we look forward to having Terry back again in the future to share more of his knowledge. The meeting then took a break for refreshments before breaking up for the evening,

Next week is an off meeting where we will get a chance to discus the bus trip this Sunday coming and what people bought on it, as well as what people thought of the Glenrothes auction the previous Sunday

President Colin welcomed members to the meeting and thanked everyone who came along and made Sundays KAS auction with Ken once again performing the auctioneer duties and doing a great job of getting lots sold. Early figures look like the event has been a success for the club and we would like to thank all those who came along to buy and sell and hope everyone enjoyed the auction.

After members shared what they thought of the auction and what they had bought including a nice pair of speckled swordtails and some shadow well as several bargains on the rift valley front. Small tweaks were suggested for the next event based on feedback and generally agreed upon. Colin mentioned that the bus trip list is filling up with more people paying for their seats and that seats are not guaranteed until paid for.

The meeting then became quite light hearted with many members sharing some non necessarily fish related stories and having a good evening. The sheet for people to add their names to for the KAS meal at Chapel Home Farm will be going up next week. The meeting then took a break for refreshment and the raffle to be drawn Sunday is the Scottish Aquarist Festival open show, supreme championship and auction, auction starts at 1pm with doors opening and then on Monday KAS is lucky enough to welcome Terry Scott back to give a talk on reptiles.

Colin welcomed members to  the meeting which was also the 8th and final table show for this year. As soon as table show manager John was ready the judges commenced their work and the meeting was opened up for a general discussion. Colin shared a story about his struggle to capture his problematic Jade wrasse and asked who was attempting or considering attempting their breeding certificates, with James and Brian starting soon and Gordon currently trying to complete the very difficult supreme breeding certificate using were possible first time breds and where possible class A fish.

A more general chat with possible dates for the KAS xmas meal discussed before the meeting  then taking a break for refreshments and the drawing of the raffle.


The winner of the table show who was also judged to be the supreme champion was a fine oversized Neolamprologus Brevis shown by Ken Young. The judges remarked that it was a split decision with much deliberation and that it was great to see 6 of the previous table show winners being back on the bench for the final show.

Sunday is the KAS auction at Templehall Community Centre in Kirkcaldy with doors opening at 10am and the auction commencing at 12 noon. Hot and cold drinks, filled rolls and home baking will be available also from 10am. All club members are encouraged to come long as early as possible to help get everything set up.

President Colin welcomed members and thanked them for attending. Colin hoped everyone who had attended the meal at the Jasmine had enjoyed themselves and apologised for the seating issues.

As this week was an off meeting after reminding members about the sheet for names for the bus trip a discussion was had on the previous days Open show and auction run by the Fair City club in Perth. There was a good level of fish shown by KAS members and a fair number of volunteers who helped on the day, Eric thanked everyone from KAS who helped out and passed on the thanks of the Fair City club.

After a slow start the auction really got going and some unusual and varied fish came up on the whole fetching good prices. After a 30 minute break the 2nd part of the auction with plants and dry goods took place. Some members thought this way did not work as well as it might have due to people leaving after the fish only stage.

The meeting then took a break for refreshments and the raffle and members had a general chat on their fish sheds and shared some humorous stories.

Next week is table show No 8 and the supreme championship lets get the entries in and end the table show year on a high !