All posts for the month September, 2013

President Colin welcomed the members attending and reminded everyone that the sheet for names for Saturday’s meal at the Jasmine in Glenrothes would be coming down, the table is booked for 7.30pm.

As this weeks guest speaker needed to reschedule Laurie and Rab stepped in and provided short talks, Laurie firstly on some slides of previous KAS bus trips he had come across then Rab gave a brief demo on constructing a DIY filter, our thanks go them both for stepping in.

The meeting then took  short break for refreshments and the drawing of the raffle. Members were reminded that Sunday is the Fair City A.S Open Show and Auction at the A.K Bell Library in Perth, Eric asked if people would be prepared to donate items for the canteen such as filled rolls and baking etc and hoped for volunteers on the day.

Next week is an off meeting where members can have a chat about the previously mentioned open show and auction as well as the usual discussions.

This week was an off meeting and Colin opened the meeting welcoming members and briefly mentioning that the sheets for the next KAS meal and the bus trip are still up and filling up with members being reminded that in respect of the bus trip seats are only confirmed upon payment.

The meeting then was then opened up to members to discuss any issues they were having or anything they wished to discuss with no members having major issues Colin asked Brian and Mandy how their Rainbow cichlid fry were coming along and if they had decided what to stock their spare tank with, Brian said the fry were doing well and Mandy mentioned they now had 10 tanks in total ranging from 6ft down to 2ft.

Andy and Brian shared the progress of their fish sheds and Melanie mentioned Brian had again recently flooded the living room which prompted other members including Colin and Joe to share their fish keeping related flooding stories. A good laugh was then enjoyed by the sharing of a few unprintable stories before the meeting broke for refreshments and the raffle.


Next week’s talk by Colin Dunlop has been rescheduled till November and there will instead be a slideshow by Laurie and a demonstration of building a DIY air filter by Rab

This week KAS was lucky enough to have the ever popular Julian Dignal who found the time to come along and grace us with another talk this time on the Catfish (and other fish) of North East India. Colin quickly mentioned the upcoming KAS meal,bus trip and the thank you letter received from Fair City regarding the clubs donation before handing the meeting over to Julian to begin his talk.

Jools began with giving us an overview of India and its regions and rivers and then identified the area Jools and his party visited, The  talk was excellently structured with Jools showing us firstly the actual location and its biotope type before sharing how the fiish were caught both by his party and some local fishermen who were electro-fishing, and more importantly which fish they caught in each place. This was especially exciting as many of these fish have yet  and may never) be seen with the hobby.

Jools interspersed the more serious parts with many amusing asides and tails of the perils and pitfalls of collection in some a widely different country. It was an excellently received talk and I would like to thank Jools on behalf to the whole of KAS for yet again delivering a cracker of a talk packed full of interest for all levels of fishkeeper. The meeting then took a break to the tea and raffle. Next week is an off meeting,

President Colin welcomed members to a quieter than usual meeting and introduced Brian and Mandy to those members who missed last weeks meeting and Brian gave a run through of his tanks and the fish he and Mandy enjoy keeping. Colin mentioned the bus trip and meal at the Jasmine still have a few spaces left.

Brian was asked how his shed was coming along and told members its now fully treated and ready to be insulated by Colin and him sometime this week although truthfully he thinks he will spend most of the time holding the wood while Colin screws it in tightly . Brian asked for suggestions on how to hold the insulation up while getting the wood into place Graham suggested using a little silicon or a small tack and Robert told members he likes caulk (decorators) for situations such as this.

A short discussion was then had on fry in community tanks with Joe mentioning he would love to be able to get his Brichardi fry out of the tank to raise but its very tricky to do in practise.

Eric asked members if anyone would be able to donate prizes for the specials classes at the upcoming Fair City Open Show and Auction and that all donations of filled rolls and baking etc would be warmly welcomed. The Christmas meal was discussed with a number of possible venues suggested no firm decision was taken and this will be discussed further.

The meeting then broke for refreshments and the raffle. Next week is a talk and slideshow by the ever popular Julian Dignal from Planet Catfish on Fishes of North East India.