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President Colin welcomed members to this wees meeting which was table show no 7. Once judges Mike & Jill were ready Colin began recapping current club business again reminding members that the sheets for both the bus trip and the meal at the Jasmine Indian Restaurant in Glenrothes are up and filling up fast

A discussion was had about the closing down this weekend of A2B Aquatics and it was noted how sad it was that yet another fish shop had found it necessary to close, best wishes to Paul and Mick in their future endeavors

Ken mentioned that there is a F.S.A.S auction on the 8th September which more than a few members had forgotten about so this timely reminder was most welcome.

A in depth discussion was then had about Colin’s suggestion of trying to get Heiko Bleher to do a series of talks over a weekend along side other guest speakers and the feasibility and costs of doing so it was agreed to do further research into costings and discuss this again.

The meeting then broke for refreshments and the raffle and the handing out of the awards.There were 28 Entries in this table show from 4 exhibitors which while certainly better than in the previous table show is still some way down from previous shows – members are encouraged to enter fish into shows even if it is only a few fish and are reminded that any questions about the rules of showing , fish sizes etc will be answered only to happily by any of the judges (as long as they are not judging on the evening asked)

Best fish was an slightly over sized and extremely well presented  cracker of a Botia Sidimunki entered by Gordon McLeod ad the Judges were Mike and Jill Dewar. The table show was handled by table show manager John Reid and his ever  glamorous assistant Jean.

President Colin welcomed the members attending and discussed the bus trip with Rennie’s again providing the transport at a fair price. With 20 names now up members are reminded that with a cap of 24 places their seat is not guaranteed until paid for.

Colin asked members to ensure that all rubbish is binned and cups etc returned to the canteen. The sheet is also up for the next KAS meal which will be held at the Jasmine Indian Restaurant in Glenrothes on the 28th of September at 7:30pm.

Eric handed in a letter to the club from Fair City Aquarist Society asking if the club would be able to donate a prize to the upcoming Open Show and Auction. A prize was donated.

Colin asked members if they were experiencing any issues and while members were not experiencing many fish related problems. Andy and Pauline shared some humorous stories involving their dog. In constructing his fish shed Andy has had to contend with having his progress sabotaged by one of man’s best friend who has a fondness for both and king span.

Members shared their thoughts on shops they recently visited with some members feeling the choice available recently has been not as good as usual. Brian was asked how his fish shed was coming along and he advised that barring the fact he still does not have a shed its going very well.

The meeting then broke for tea and the raffle. Next week is table show no 7 members are encouraged to bring some entries especially as the previous table show was so poor in both entries and exhibitors.

President Colin welcomed members to the meeting and mentioned that lists are up for both the bus trip and the next KAS meal. with no further announcements to be made the meeting was turned over to Laurie who was giving the second part of his talk on his fish shed.

Laurie began by recapping briefly what he had covered in the first part of his talk before giving members a run through on how he completed construction of his shed as well as the problems he encountered along the way and how he attempted to resolve them. Members seemed to enjoy the talk and as the club currently has members either building or not far from building sheds the advice given was certainly welcomed. Laurie happily answered members questions on his shed and the club would like to thank Laurie for taking the time to give a talk.

The meeting then broke for refreshments and the raffle. Next week is an off-meeting

President Colin welcomed members attending and gave a quick run through of current club business

The bus trip was discussed and some minor alterations to the itinerary were proposed in order to ensure the trip goes smoothly.With quite a few names up members are encouraged to pay for their seat to avoid disappointment.

The next KS meal is being held on the  28th September at the highly regarded Jasmine Indian Restaurant in Glenrothes with a 7.30PM start a list is up in the club room for members to add their names.

As tonight was an off meeting there was no formal subject with members free to bring up anything they wanted to discuss. Laurie brought in  parasite he had caught from one of his tanks and explained to members what it was and how it feeded -very interesting indeed! Mike had brought in some barb fry for Laurie as a thankyou for solving a recent issue he had with removing a canister filter top. Mike also told members how the relatively drab fry grew into some really special looking adults.

Colin mentioned Brian had had a spawning from the second of his wild swordtail pairs and was now someway to covering the cost of these cracking fish. Brian said the recent weather changes seemed to have sparked several of his fish to breed recently including Brichardi and Ameca Splendens as well as several other livebearers.

A general well natured chat was then had on more general matters before the meeting took a break for refreshments and the raffle. Next week is Laurie Halford with the not to be missed talk about his  Fish Shed – Part 2