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President Colin welcomed members and as it was an on meeting gave a quick run through of club business reminding members about the bus trip as well as the next KAS meal out which will be held at the Jasmine Indian Restaurant in Glenrothes a sheet for names has been put up and all members are welcome to come and take a break from promoting the hobby of fish keeping and enjoy themselves

This week’s talk was on The British Killifish Association and more specifically how it runs its auctions. Laurie began by talking a little about how auctions tend to be run in Scotland before moving on to briefly describe Killifish and why he chooses to keep them. He then gave an in depth look at 2 recent BKA auctions he had travelled to and showed from the initial setting up of the hall all the way through to the fish being sold and prized awarded.

It was interesting to see the many differences in the way the BKA auctions are run compared to the auctions many members are used to and regardless of how they felt about the different methods they could all agree it was interesting to see a side of the hobby many members had not seen before.

The meeting then broke for the raffle and refreshments, next week is an off meeting

President Colin welcomed members who had left the pleasant weather to come along to the clubroom. This week was an off meeting and so after quickly running through current club business the meeting was turned over to the members to discuss any issues they might be having or anything they wanted to bring up.

A common theme amongst those present was fish losses due to the recent hot weather and many members shared the ways in which they were trying to reduce tank temperatures methods used included more frequent water changes, bags of ice and frozen bottles of water being floated in the tank.

Many funny stories were shared from Joe joining Brian in the flooding your house club and Andy telling members of Colin’s heroics in cramming a 5ft tank into the back of a Fiat Punto ! Brian shared the progress on his Fish Shed which he hopes will look more like a shed and less like a large rectangular hole soon.

A small change has been made to the club facebook page to try and keep it tidier anything for sale should be added as a comment to the pinned post.


Next week is a talk by Laurie on the British Killifish Association auctions.

President Colin welcomed the members to this weeks meeting which was also table show No 6. While the judges were getting setup Colin recapped the minutes of the recent committee meeting It was mentioned that there is a vacancy for an on meeting talk later in the year with members suggesting topics and speakers they would like to hear. The fish farms of South East Asia being a popular choice.

Sadly due to perhaps the recent heatwave and the starting of the fair fortnight Mondays table show had a fairly poor level of entries with all 8 entries coming from the same exhibitor this meant the judging portion of the evening was far quicker than usual. As judges give up their night to do the judging it would be nice if members could make that extra effort to bring entries in on a table show night.

While the judges were deliberating a lively conversation was had about a new method Mike had been using in spawning some species of Apistogramma which he seems to be having some success with. Discussion then moved to a variety of subjects such as the club’s Facebook page as well as the different fish people were attempting to breed currently.

With judging complete the awards were handed out with Colin scooping all of them unopposed the best fish on the night was a cracking Neolamprologus multifasciatus. The meeting then broke for refreshments and the raffle. Next weeks meeting will be an off meeting.

President Colin welcomed members to the meeting and gave a quick update on the previous weeks club business. Colin reminded members that the list for the bus trip is up and that places are not guaranteed until paid. A minutes silence was then held for a former club member who had recently passed.

As this week was an off meeting a discussion was had on the 2 recent auctions firstly the USA open show and auction at the AK Bell library in Perth and more recently the West Lothian Aquarist Society auction at Livingston Rugby Club.  Members enjoyed both shows and bought a variety of fish and got some good prices for the fish they had brought to the auctions. Members were asked  about and then discussed the fish they had bought and their plans for trying to breed them. Jill gave the members an outline of the financial side of the USA Open Show and Auction.

Colin mentioned Brian was in the process of planning a new fish shed and a lively discussion was had with many members taking the time to share their experiences of building their own sheds and problems to watch out for.

The meeting then took a break for some refreshments and the drawing of the raffle. Next week is Table Show no 6 and members are encouraged to come along and bring some entries.

President Colin opened the meeting and welcomed a packed room to the nights meeting. Colin quickly ran through the current business mentioning that next week was an off meeting where we would discuss the recent USA open show and auction. The bus trip list is up and is filling fast don’t forget to put your name up and pay for your seat to avoid disappointment. Colin mentioned that this was the last week for nominations to the role of canteen manager and with no further names added Melanie Stewart was elected on to the committee to return to the role. A thankyou card has been received from Melanie and Brian thanking all at KAS for their wedding gift which was gratefully received.

As the club was lucky enough to have the well regarded Rainbowfish enthusiast Alex Carslaw giving a talk this week Colin handed the meeting over to Alex.

Alex gave a well received talk beginning with a look at the Rainbowfish family and where they came from as well as the different types showing members some cracking pictures as well as some background information on each one. Alex then moved on to covering subject such as feeding, breeding and the issues caused by hybridisation. Alex’s passion was evident and members greatly enjoyed listening to Alex who had time to answer members questions at the end.

KAS would like to thank Alex for taking the time to come to the club and give an insight into a family of fish much larger and varied than many of us previously thought.

Sunday is the WLAS auction at Livingston Rugby Club open from 10am to 5pm with the auction starting at 12 sharp till 5pm.

President Colin opened the meeting and welcomed the members attending and reminded them that Sunday 30th is the USA open show and auction at the AK Bell library in Perth and that next week the club is lucky enough to have Alex Cars law giving a talk on rainbowfish.

KAS have donated 2 internal power filters to the USA for prize giving and members are encouraged to attend and help out if possible.

The list for the bus trip is up and filling to avoid disappointment get your name on the the list and your seat paid as soon as possible.

The meeting was then handed over to John Reid who gave a talk on breeding certificates and how to go about  completing them. John covered the various certificates and the requirements for each one including the classes that comprise each certificate, possible fish too breed for each class and the time period allowed. John recently became the first KAS member to complete his Supreme breeding certificate and there are two more members currently undertaking it.

Lastly members attention is drawn to the changed classes for Sundays USA show it is members responsibility to ensure they have read the new schedule and entered their fish in the correct categories as there will not be time to fix errors once fish have been benched and they will simply be disqualified.