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The club meeting was a little quieter this week due to it being an off meeting, President Colin opened the meeting and covered the current club business reminding those attending that next week table is table show no 5 and that it would be great to see an increased level of entries especially from members who have not shown before.

This week was the last week for names to be taken for the latest KAS meal at Bella Italia if past meals are anything to go by it will be a very enjoyable evening and our thanks go to Colin for arranging it.

Colin mentioned that Brian and Mel got married this week in Mexico and passed on congratulations and the best wishes from all at KAS, pictures are on Brian’s Facebook for anyone interested.

The meeting then moved on to discuss then previous weeks open show and auction by Glenrothes club it was felt that this was definitely a buyers auction with many good fish available at pleasing prices. Other meeting then moved away from fish and fushkeeping and a light hearted conversation was had on where to get donuts and sushi locally. After a break for refreshments and a raffle the meeting closed.

President Colin opened the meeting and welcomed everyone it was a full house as the ever popular Colin Dunlop came to do his long awaited talk on anabantiods, before Colin Dunlop took the stage president Colin run over the club business reminding everyone about the meal night out at Bella Italia and  also that the polo shirts are in and to see joe about purchase. There was then a special presentation to John Reid for his achievement at being the first person to complete the supreme breeding certificate and also to Robert Rennie for achieving the masters certificate for breeding 16 speicies of fish in the 24 month time scale
With everything club related having been covered it was then on to the main event. Colin had made a slideshow to go with his talk in which he went into great detail on keeping and breeding fish from more common, “fighters”  and Gouramis,to other more unusual species of Betta Splendens as well as the  keeping and breeding Channa. He then  showed us footage of Betta Spendens spawning and  then he spoke on how some Bettas as well as Channa mouthbreed and how they use caves and floating plants to build there nest in and spawn, after which the male takes charge of the brood and that the female should be removed so that the male doesn’t kill her, as she would eat the eggs and fry.
He also spoke on how some Bettas need a ph as low 2.4and he does a seasonal temperature change in winter taking the fish down to about 15 centigrade and bringing it back up in the summer to trigger spawning after his talk we stopped for the raffle and refreshments next week is an off meeting which we will talk about the open show that was on sunday the 19th of may, Colin Dunlop  has also very generously  agreed to come back in September to do a talk on his fish hut and how it is set up, the meeting then closed.

Todays weather In Mexico is Scorching hot and should be around 34 degrees of Carribean sunshine – Just thought I would share that with all the people we left behind in the UK 🙂

President Colin welcomed the members to the meeting and began by giving a run through of the current club business. The club poloshirts are now with Joe so members whoh have ordered them are encouraged to get their money to Joe and pickup their polo shirts as soon as they are able.

Colin mentioned again that the committee was pleased to welcome James Muir as Open Show manager and that the posts of assistant Open Show manager are still available.The sheets for the meal at Bella Italia and the bus trip are up and filling up don’t forget to get your names up if your planning on going to these events.

As this week was an off meeting therewas no specific subject for the evening with members able to bring up or discuss anything they wished. Colin began with a humourous story about his and Brians less than perfect foray into being Aquatic Vetinarians Brian pointed out the fish is still fine so this technically can be counted as a success!

Rab Rennie discussed his ongoing efforts into breeding Neon Tetras and while fry so far have been less than hoped he will be varying some of the parameters and will report back on his progress. John asked about the club possibly having another shop tour and Jean gave a rundown of the shops Livingston club visited on their latest trip it was thought to be a good idea and more consideration will be given to seeing if a new shop tour can be put together.

Members also discussed other fish they had been breeding recently or had purchased. After a enjoyable hour or so the meeting took a break for refreshments and to draw the raffle.

Glenrothes A.S have their open show and auction this Sunday (19th) at Stenton Jubilee Community Centre in Glenrothes and the following evening (20th)  KAS is pleased to welcome Colin Dunlop who will be giving a talk on Labarynth Fish

President Colin opened the meeting and welcomed the attending members before running through the club business from the past week. The position of Open Show manager has now been filled and the commitee is pleased to welcome James Muir to its ranks. The position of assitant open show manager and canteen are up for grabs and members are encouraged to put their names forward.

The polo shirts have been ordered and will be with us soon members are reminded that polo shirts will only be handed out once payment has been made. The bus trio has now been booked and will take place on October 27th and will this year be going down the East Coast visting all new shops with 7 names already up the importance of getting your name up and payment cannot be overstated.

The talk tonight was on bedding plants and was given by our president so without further ado Colin handed over to himself for the evenings talk and demonstartion on bedding plants. As Colin was passing on some of his expertise in the planted world he was also planting a trough which was to be auctioned off at the end of the night. Colin explained about the importance of choosing the correct plants and general good practise when maintaining a planted arangement. Colin also answered a wide range of members questions both regarding the trough he had planted but also regarding gardening and flower/vegetable growin in general.

Colin reminded members that on the 19th of this month Glenrothes Aquarist Society hold their Open Show & Auction and then the following evening (20th) Kirkcaldy Aquarist Society are pleased to welcome Colin Dunlop who will be giving a talk on Anabantids. Next week at the club is an off meeting.