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President Colin welcomed members to this weeks meeting and asked how all those attending how they had enjoyed the latest club meal at Foxtons in Glenrothes. The feedback was good with all present who attending saying they had enjoyed the evening.
As this week was an off meeting there was no set topic and members took the chance to have a humorous (and mostly unprintable !) chat about a range of subjects both fish and non fish related. Jean mentioned that she had recently been on a small shop visit in Glasgow and what she had bought on each stop. It’s always good for members to hear about shops they may not have visited so thank you to Jean.
Next week is a talk on killiefish by Andrew Frew.

This years Kirkcaldy Aquarist Society open show and auction at Templehall community centre was a huge success again proving that the decision to relocate from Balwearie High School to Templehall Community centre was the correct one. Before discussing the actual event I’d like to first of all thank the members of the public who attended the show and auction in great numbers if it was not them attending the show would not be the resounding success that it was. I’d like to thank the judges Mike, Jill, Eric, John, Ryan and Ernie for their tireless efforts, due to the increased visitor numbers they had less space and quiet than in previous years meaning it is worth considering hiring the smaller hall for the judging in future years to allow for ever increasing attendances. Thank also go to Susan and Jean for handling the booking in of entries.


I would also like to offer thanks to Joe and Christine Graham and Marie Rennie for dealing the finance and paperwork for the auction, Ken Young and Gordon McLeod for auctioneering on the day. Many thanks to all other KAS members who gave their time to assist with the open show and providing food for the canteen, raffle prizes etc.


Thankyou to Brian for his contact with Interpet and Fishkeeper Edinburgh the prizes and fish food received meant the event had lower costs than in previous years. Companies donating prizes to the event were Eden Aquatics, KDY Tropicals, Kirkcaldy Pet Shop, A2B aquatics, Discovery Aquatics Fishkeeper Edinburgh, Pets Pantry (Anstruther). Special thanks also go to Stuart McAllister at Interpet for providing the best fish prize as well as other smaller prizes. The prize for 2nd best fish was provided by KAS with the 3rd place prize being provided by a kind donation from Fair City Aquarist Society.


Moving on to the event itself the day started off with the slight drizzle with brightened up as the day progressed members began to arrive nice and early to assist with the setting up of the venue. The canteen was more than fully stocked with Rolls, cakes and other home baking as well as hot and cold drink meaning those attending certainly did not go hungry. The auction and show itself commenced at 12:30 with President Colin opening the show welcoming everyone and wishing them a enjoyable day before handing over to Ken to start the auction.


There were 24 lots of Fish, Plants and Equipment meaning those attending had plenty to bid on from guppies to rarer and less seen Betta’s. With one exception there were no Gourami’s to be seen which is quite unusual until the day auctions are in many ways like a box of chocalates – you never know what our going to get ! The judging finished at approximately 5o’clock and the prize giving commenced with KAS members Gordon McLeod taking the best fash prize Bernard O’Neil took 2nd place with Frances Bennett taking 3rd. Best KAS member was Gordon McLeod, Best KAS breeder was Ken Young and the best exhibitor on the day was Gordon McLeod.

I would once again like to thank all those who participated in making the day the success that is was and hope to see you all again on October 13th at the KAS auction at the same venue.


President/Open show manager.


Colin Beavis

Best Cichlid – Sandy Murphy

Best Trio – Jack Irish

Best Pair – Gordon McLeod

Best Barb – Bernard O’Neil

Best Breeder – Eddie Morcombe

Best Livebearer – Bernard O’Neil

Best Junior – Jack Young

Best Danio – Minnow – Bernard O’Neil

Best Catfish – Dave Smart

Best Characin – Gordon McLeod

Best Egg Laying Toothcarp – Jack Irish

Best Rasborra – Frances Bennett

Best Anabantoid – Gordon McLeod

Best Egglayer – Gordon McLeod

Best Fish – Gordon McLeod

2nd in show – Bernard O’Neil

3rd inshow – Frances Bennett

Best KAS Member – Gordon McLeod

Best Breeder – Ken Young

Best Exibitor on Points – Gordon McLeod

Class 1 – Guppies Male – Jack Irish

Class 2 – Swordtail Male – Mike McFee

Class 3 – Platies Male – Laurie Halford

Class 4 – Mollies Males – Sandy Murphy

Class 5 – Any other livebearer Male Susan Rennie

Class 6 – Guppies Female – Dave Smart

Class 7 – Swordtail Female – Mike McFee

Class 8 – Platies Female – Graham Geddes

Class 9 – Mollies Female – No Entry

Class 10 – Any other Livebearer Female – Bernard O’Neill

Class 11 – Pencil Fish Nannostomus Poecilbrycon Only – Gordon McLeod

Class 12 – Characins excluding those in No 11 – Gordon McLeod

Class 13 – Barbs – Bernard O’Neill

Class 14 – Small Cichlids – Laurie Halford

Class 15 – Large Cichlids including Angels – Sandy Murphy

Class 16 – Rift Valley Cichlids – Sandy Murphy

Class 17 – Gouramis – Colisa and Trichogaster – Dawn Middleton

Class 18 – Bettas – Eddie Morcombe

Class 19 – Any other Anabantoid – Gordon McLeod

Class 20 – Catfish Cory Asp Brochus – Gordon McLeod

Class 21 – Any other catfish – Dave Smart

Class 22 – Sharks and Loaches – Frances Bennett

Class 23 – Raibowfish – Alex Carslaw

Class 24 – Tropical Minnow and Danios – Bernard O’Neil

Class 25 – Rasboras – Frances Bennet

Class 26 – Egglaying Toothcarps (Killifish) Jack Irish

Class 27 – Any other Species Egglayer – Sandy Murphy

Class 28 – Common Goldfish – Susan Rennie

Class 29 – Fancy Goldfish – No Entry

Class 30 – Any other species Coldwater – No Entry

Class 31 – Pairs Egglayers – Gordon McLeod

Class 32 – Pairs Livebearers – Derek Young

Class 33 – Trios Male – Jack Irish

Class 34 – Trios Female – Gordon McLeod

Class 35 – Unidentified – No Entry

Class 36 – Breeders Class of 10 livebearers – No Entry

Class 37 – Breeders Class of 10 egglayers – No Entry

Class 38 – Breeders Live D – David Gamble

Class 39 – Breeders Live C – Ken Young

Class 40 – Breeders Live B – Ken Young

Class 41 – Breeders Live A – No Entry

Class 42 – Breeders Egg D – No Entry (Disqualified Class)

Class 43 – Breeders Egg C – No Entry

Class 44 – Breeders Egg B – Graham Ramsay

Class 45 – Breeders Egg A – Eddie Morcombe

Class 46 – Breeders Coldwater – No Entry

Class 47 – Albino – Ken Young

Class 48 – Junior Livebearers – Jack Young

Class 49 – Junior Egglayers – Stuart Christie

Class 50 – Junior Coldwater – Stuart Christie

President Colin the packed meeting and welcomed members. Colin briefly covered the weeks club business reminding members about the club meal which has a signup sheet up in the club and that the positions of open show manager and canteen manager are still available.

Colin passed on the clubs best wishes to Brian as he continues his recovery from his recent accident,

The club was lucky enough to have secured a talk by Julian Dignall from from Planet Catfish so without any further ado Colin passed the meeting over to ‘Jools’ and members settled in for a fascinating talk on L-Number Catfish.

The talk was delivered at just the right level with enough detail and science for the more experienced members while at the same time offering plenty for the more novice catfish keeper. Jools began but explaining some of the background regarding why the L number system came to be before talking about how in some cases one fish could have two L numbers or in some rarer cases two fish could actually share a L number.

Jools then covered a number of informative subjects such as catchment areas and techniques used in capturing wild specimens as well as the differences in mouth types and how this gave indications of the desired food types of the different fish, husbandry and breeding were also discussed.

Jools finished up by talking about his 3 favorites L number’s before answering questions. The meeting then broke for refreshments and the drawing of the raffle.

Everyone at KAS would like to offer our sincere thanks to Jools for an extremely informative and interesting talk many members commented they could have listened to Jools talk for many more hours ! and are already looking forward to his next visit to the club.

President Colin opened the meeting and welcomed the attending members thanking everyone who lent a hand at the previous days highly successful open show and auction with exhibitors across most of Scotland and some of England. Special thanks to Christine Graham and Marie Rennie for assisting with the paperwork and Brian for arranging much of the prizes. Thanks also go to Ken and Gordon for sharing Auctioneer duties and to all the other club members who assisted on the day, for  The open show was up on last year both in terms of entries (203) and 24 auction lots and in terms of funds raised for the club.

Consideration will be given to seeing if it would be possible to hire both halls as the increased attendance meant space for the judging was a little cramped members also discussed other issues that arised at this years show and how they could be resolved in future years. Prizes included tank setups and both internal and external filters with smaller prizes for every class. A well stocked canteen and raffle were also available. Photographs taken at the event were taken and will be added to the club website with a full write up.

Members then discussed the various fish and equipment they had purchased at the auction. The open show manager role as well as the assistant open show manager and canteen manager roles are now up for grabs members are encouraged to put their names forward for these roles.

The major prize winnners at the open show were :-

Best Fish – Gordon McLeod
2nd Place – Bernard O’Neil
3rd Place – Frances Bennett

Best Junior – Jack Young

Best Exhibitor on points – Gordon McLeod


Best KAS Member on points  – Gordon McLeod

Best KAS Breeder – Ken Young


Colin mention that the auction on 13th October will be at the same venue. The club meal date has had to be rescheduled to the 1st June at Bella Italia in Dunfermline.

Next weeks meeting is a talk by the excellent Julian Dignall from Planet Catfish.

Chairman Colin opened the meeting and welcomed members to the meeting before running through the current club business. Open show and auction preparations are going well with one of the better groups of donations received join recent years. Colin urged members to try where possible and arrive early on Sunday to assist with the setup of the hall for the open show and auction. Brian and Laurie got started on bagging up the first of the fish food being given out as open show prizes

The bus trip stops will be finalised this week and the list passed on to the bus companies for quotes.

As Monday was table show number 4 the judges were given the nod to commence the judging. It was something of a disappointment entries wise with only 20 entries from 2 entrants meaning Colin and Gordon effectively split the prizes between them. Best fish overall was a cracking Botia Sidthimunki owned by Gordon McLeod. Members are encouraged to enter fish in the next show even if they have never done so the judges are always happy to advise on sizes etc if asked.

Colin reminded members that the next meal out for KAS members will be held shortly and that the list of names is still up. Rumours of treasurer Jim footing the bar bill if more than 20 names go up are as yet unconfirmed. Joe reminded members that he is getting ready to order club polo shirts and that members who do not have their names down are running out of time.

The meeting broke for tea and the lottery and raffle to be drawn and the prizes were handed out.

Don’t forget Sunday is the KAS open show and auction all are welcome at Templehall Community Centre in Kirkcaldy Booking in commences at 9.30 Canteen opens at 10.00 and the auction will commence at 12.30. Admission is 50p for adults and 25p for OAP,s and children

President Colin opened the meeting welcoming members and then gave a run through of current club business. The canteen manager post is still vacant and members are urged to consider putting their name forward for this role.

The bus trip down the East Coast was discussed and Jill mentioned that one of the suggested shops would be adding a disproportionate amount of travelling time compared to the other chosen shops and the trip may be better without it this was generally agreed upon and will be discussed further.

Joe again mentioned the polo shirts being ordered and reminded members that of they want one time is running out to let him know and add your name to the order.

The venue for the next club meal has been changed to Bella Italia and a sheet for those interested has been pinned up for members to add their names. Rumours of the meal being Jim’s treat remain unconfirmed.

Can all members please try and arrive at the open show and auction on the 14th April as early as they can to assist in preparation as the saying goes many hands make light work !

As tonight was an off meeting once club business had been completed Colin opened the meeting ton the members to discuss any issues they wished and mentioned he had a spawning of Ameca Splendens with his male being very protective of his female and fry. Laurie and Jill talked about spawning of Cherry Barbs and the different methods they had used. Joe has got his corner tank up and running meaning Colin is no longer living in fear of Joe polishing him off to inherit his corner tank !

Next week is Table Show 4 and it is hoped that we will see an increased level of entries following on from the last shown which was much improved. The meeting the broke for refreshments and the raffle.