All posts for the month March, 2013

President Colin opened the meeting and thanked members for attending before giving a quick run through of the club business from the week past. Colin told members that the club is looking into getting polo shirts made for those who want them and Joe gave members details and likely pricing as well as telling those members who were not present last week that if they would like one to come and see him sooner rather than later.

Colin announced again that the bus trip this year is planned to run with a small increase in price to reflect the ever increasing cost to the club to run the trip. This years trip will be going down the East Coast to the Newcastle/Durham area to new shops and it is hoped members will enjoy some variety with the trip possibly swapping coasts each year. With some cracking shops on the list it should be another good trip.

The canteen manager post is still vacant and members are encouraged to help the club out by stepping up and helping the club in this role.

As due to unforseen circumstances Rab was unable to give his planned talk Gordon Mcleod very kindly stepped in and gave a short talk on the recent BIDKA show he attended giving an interesting description of the fish he saw as well as how the show was run which members enjoyed.

The meeting then broke for refreshments and the raffle with members grabbing the chance to catch up and have a chat with fellow members.

President Colin welcomed the members who braved the Arctic like conditions to attend. He began by mentioning the canteen manager role is still available before covering the main topics discussed at the recent committee meeting. One of the main points discussed was this years bus trip with the committee approving an increase in price for the first time most could remember from £20 to £25.

The destination for this years trip will be down the east coast visiting new shops with a view of alternating between the east and west coasts in future years.

As tonight was an off meeting members were involved in an variety of conversations on topics such as methods for carrying very large tanks, foods being used for fish feeding as well as some unusual licking gourami’s owned by a club member. Colin also asked some of the newer members how they had first found out about the club.

Due to unforseen circumstances Rab will not be able to deliver his talk next week Brian will try and source a fish related DVD for the meeting for members to watch. The meeting then broke for the raffle and refreshments before members again braved the elements and made their way home.

Colin opened the meeting and thanked the members for attending. Brian handed in the open show schedules which due to running out of time were self assembly. As John Reid has returned to the Table Show manager role this means the Canteen Manager post is open and any eligible members are invited to put their names forward for the post. Jean kindly handed in a donation from Fair City club for the forthcoming KAS open show and auction as well as some pictures of former president Robert Paterson for members to have a look at which were then given to Brian so he could scan them and forward them on to Robert’s daughter who had recently been in touch.

As it was an off meeting this week Colin asked members of any issues they had been having and shared an unfortunate story of how he lost some of his newly acquired Ameca Splendens when his Corydoras Elegans released something into the water which killed the Ameca’s. Members discussed modifying tanks to be better suited for the spawning of Tetra’s. Laurie and Brian shared some stories of recent eyebrow raising things they have heard while working in the hobby. A lively discussion was then had on the number of fish or fish tank related programs currently on televison with James and some other members mentioning Robson Green’s extreme fishing was worth a look.

The meeting then broke for refreshments and the raffle with members taking the chance to catch up and have a blether. Next week is a quiz by our treasurer Jim with strong rumors of a large cash prize for the winner from club funds !

Colin opened the meeting and welcomed all those attending especially Kieran and Andy who were back at the club. The vacancy for Canteen manager is still up so interested members still have time too add their name for the post. Colin had received and read out a letter from Juwel stating that due to the economic climate they were currently unable to provide any prizes for the forthcoming KAS open show and auction. The volunteer list has had to be rearranged due to unfortunate circumstances and volunteers are still required.

A discussion was had regarding the bus trip and the quotes received thus far and a committee meeting arranged to decide the next step. A2B aquatics have their grand opening on Saturday at 22 Main Street Kinglassie with quite a few club members already planning to nip along for a look.

Tonight was quiz master Jim’s fish quiz night with many members fancying themselves as potential winners Jim however had compiled a testing set of questions meaning many members were soon asking themselves how much they really knew, the winner was Eric with thirteen correct answers from the twenty questions posed.

The meeting then broke for refreshments and the raffle to be drawn.