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Tonight was table show No 3 and after Brian and Jean had got all the entries booked in and the judges had began the judging chairman Colin opened the meeting by welcoming the members. The quotes for the bus trip have been received and there will be a committee meeting shortly to discuss these as it gets more expensive each year Gordon mentioned worth considering possibilities such as mini buses or car sharing. Tonight was the last week for names for table show manager and John Reid was elected unopposed. Members then discussed shops they had recently visited and the fish they had purchased. Colin spoke about his Festivums that he received from Brian again eating their fry and ways this could be prevented next time he also mentioned Brian’s latest flooding of the house in his RO making adventures and told a humorous story of crossed wires where they both ended up in their cars outside the others houses along with their partners after a mix up over who was visiting who.

The meeting then broke for refreshments and members had a chat amongst themselves while the judging completed there were a total of 31 entries from 6 exhibitors including an entry from a new member showing for the first time. After much deliberation the judges made their decisions and the awards were handed out. Best fish on the night was a cracking Barbus Anchoporus by Gordon McLeod with best junior going to Stuart Christie with a Phallocerus Cuadimaculatus the judges were Senior judge Ken Young assisted by Jill Dewar, Eric Young and Ernie Walters.

Chairman Colin welcomed members to the meeting and ran through the club business for the last week. The volunteer list for the upcoming open show is now up and is there for any member to add their name as willing to help in some way the more members who help the smoother the event runs!

Another quote has been received for the bus trip this was discussed  and will be revisited at a commitee meeting soon.

As tonight was an off meeting the floor was opened to members to discuss any issues or problems they are or have been having, amoung the topics discussed were keeping a native UK marine tank with Rab Rennie able to share some of his experience in doing so and after this some interesting discussion was had on Malawi cichlids.

Joe told members that the whats-on list has been updated with some new guest talks and that this has been passed to Brian for the website to be updated. The last week for names to be nominated is next week. The meeting then took a break for refreshments and the usual raffle.

All members please note – Next week is a table show and members are encouraged to get involved and bring along some entries.

Chairman Colin welcomed the members who had ventured out into the snowy evening and went through recent club business. Colin introduced the new members to those who had not been at the club the last few weeks and mentioned that there is a name up for the table show manager post which closes soon.

There was a discussion about this years proposed bus trip and Joe brought members up to speed on his efforts to obtain a reasonable quote for the bus as well as the progress on securing guest speakers.

The meeting was then turned over to the members with the new members speaking an bout the fish the new members kept or were looking to keep in the future. Rab gave an update on new items in the shop and advised members can suggest new items. The discussion then turned fish shops in Scotland and members experiences of them.

A break was then had for refreshments and the raffle next weeks speaker is our own Colin who has prepared a fantastic slideshow. Glenrothes Aquarist Society’s auction this Sunday at the Stenton jubilee community centre starting at 1pm booking in of lots from 10am