All posts for the month January, 2013

Chairman Colin opened the meeting which despite the cold was quite well attended. Colin welcomed the two new members to the club and the club hopes they will enjoy their stay. It is good to see so many new members joining the club it really does help to promote the hobby of fish keeping.

Tonight’s talk was provided John Reid and was an interesting look at the classes of show fish with examples given of some of the smallest and largest fish within each class as well as valuable advice on what judges would be looking for in each class and the differences between the sexes. John’s light hearted and self depreciating delivery meant it was a very enjoyable talk and the club would like to thank him for taking the time to put it together.

The meeting then took a break for a cup of tea and to hold the raffle.

The club is still looking for a table show manager if you are interested please see a committee member for an application form it.

Colin opened the meeting by thanking everyone for attending he then went on to cover club business tonight was the final week for the secretary position to be advertised so with this in mind Colin advised members that unless someone else chose to stand Joe Graham would be elected onto the committee – there were no objections so we would all like to welcome Joe back onto the committee.

Due to personal circumstances Colin Ewing has been in touch to advise he will regretfully be unable to assume the role of Table Show Manager meaning this role is now vacant would any interested members please contact a committee member who can provide them with a nomination form.

Joe told members of his ongoing hunt for a corner tank and of his happiness at finding replacement parts for his air pump at the pet shop on Kirkcaldy High Street. John then  asked brian to update the website with the provided list of auction/show dates – this has now been done.

Tonight was table show number 2 which attracted a somewhat dissapointing 21 entries from a total of 4 exhibitors, this may have been in part due to the particularly cold spell we have been in the midst of this past week.

The meeting then broke for refreshsments and a raffle while the judging took place Judges were Jill Dewar Ryan Doig and Ernie Walters and our thanks go to them for their efforts. The best fish on the night was a beautiful Brachydanio Kyathit shown by Colin and Susan. An updated points table will be added to the website later today. If any members would like to show but are unsure of the ins and outs of it or have any questions whatsoever our excellent team of judges would be only to happy to advise.

Tonight’s raffle ninja was Melanie who with a modest amount of tickets managed to almost win the entire raffle many laughs were had at her streak of luck.


Chairman Colin opened the meeting and welcomed everyone to the first meeting of 2013 as tonight was an off meeting the meeting was turned over to the members to discus any issues they were having. Gordon McLeod reported he had been experiencing a few unexplained fish losses and Mike & Jill discussed the difficulties in economically heating a fish hut during the cold winter months with members then sharing how they heated theirs. The quaich has been sent for engraving and will be presented to Mike & Jill as soon as it returns.

After a good catch up on what members had been up to over the festive period the meeting took a break for refreshments after this a raffle was drawn and members made their way back out into the cold Kirkcaldy air.

Please remember next week is Table Show No 2 get along early with your entries !